UAE Holiday to Al-Ain Zoo and Aquarium Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 15-Jan-2022

About Al-Ain Zoo and Aquarium Destination: Al Ain Zoo is a famous tourist destination in Al Ain city of the United Arab Emirates country. Al Ain Zoo was opened in 1968 and spread in 990 acres land. People can watch here several types wild animals such as Sand cat, Cheetah, mountain lion, Jaguar, Black panther, Bengal tiger, White tiger, White lions, Hamadryas baboon, Nubian giraffes, White stork, Black swan and Indian peafowl etc.

Al Ain city is famous tourists places in United Arab Emirates country which is just 144.4 KM distance from Dubai city, Abu Dhabi city is exact 176.5 KM far, Sharjah city is exact 159.4 KM distance. Tourists can explore UAE local people cultural and social life style.

How Can Reach to Al-Ain Zoo and Aquarium: it is located in Al Ain city of the United Arab Emirates country. Foreign countries passengers can come to Al Ain city via water transport and air transport while neighbour countries people can come to via road transport also such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and some other countries.

Air Transport: Al Ain international airport are the main airport of the Al Ain city where passengers can get flights to foreign countries and domestic places.

Water Transport: Al Ain city has not water transport facilities which nearest water coastal places are located in Dubai and Abu Dhabi city.

Road transport: UAE country has excellent road transport network which all places well connected to gather via modern roads.

Things to Do near of the Al-Ain Zoo and Aquarium: passengers can things to do several types activities in Al AIn city which some are watch wildlife animals zoo and Aquarium, watch city famous museums, watch city historical places, eat local UAE foods, shopping gifts in city, explore local people modern life style, cultural activities and social activities etc.

Tourists Attractions near of the Al-Ain Zoo and Aquarium: passengers can watch many famous places in Al AIn city which such as the following.

Attractions near Zoo and Aquarium: 990 acres Land area zoo, Al Ain Zoo Masjid, EVENTS PAVILION - Event venue, Zarafa Cafe - Restaurant, Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre - Natural history museum, Remal Albwadi - Cafeteria, Marketing Department in Al Ain Zoo etc.

Other attractions in Al AIn city: Qasr AlMuwaiji, Al Ain Square, Al Ain Ladies Park (Al Basra Park), Falaj Hazaa Park for Women and Children, Al Mudeef Ladies and Childrens Park, Hili Archaeological park, Hili Fun City - Amusement park, Hili Oasis, Al Foah Mall - Shopping mall, Rakna weather station, Royal Horse Center etc. UAE Dubai holiday vacation is a good idea to Zoo and Aquarium tour which is placed in Al Ain city of the United Arab Emirates. Japan holiday vacation and Europe holiday vacation .

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