Fujairah City Tour Guide UAE Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 3-April-2023

About Fujairah City destination: Fujairah is a port city of the United Arab Emirates country which is located in eastern fo the UAE. Fujairah is a fully developed city which is also the seventh-largest city of the UAE country. Fujairah port city is well destination to explore local UAE people culture and social actiivites.

Distance from Fujairah City: It is well connected to other UAE regional places via air, road and water transport. Fujairah city is just 174.8 KM distance from Al Ain historical city is just 0 KM distance, Abu Dhabi capital city is just 253.5 KM distance, Dubai commercial city is just 119.7 KM distance, Sharjah port city is just 105.5 KM distance, Ras Al-Khaimah city is just 115.6 KM distance and Ajman city is exact 114.1 KM distance.

UAE tour: It is a well idea to enjoy holiday in UAE which is a developed country of the middle east region. UAE country neighbour other countries are Oman country, Saudi Arabia country, Qatar country, Bahrain country, Iran country, Kuwait country and Iraq country. Mostly people come to visit UAE from other countries to visit its famous cities which names are Dubai modern city and Abu Dhabi capital city. Europe holiday vacation booking, Japan holiday vacation and Switzerland holiday vacation booking.

How can come to Fujairah City: Fujairah is a port city of the United Arab Emirates country. Fujairah city is well connected to other UAE and neighbour countries via air, road and water transport. Other countries travelers can come to city via air and water transport where has international airport and seaport to transport overseas countries.

Air Transport: Fujairah International Airport is the main airport of the city where passengers can get not only UAE regional air flights but also flights to other international countries.

Water Transport: Fujairah city is port city where has a busy sea harbour where passengers can get water transport services to not only UAE regional places but also other international countries.

Train Transport: Fujairah city has not train transport network where passengers can get road, air and water transport services only.

Fujairah City tourists attractions: Fujairah city has some historical and modern places to spend time which some are Fujairah Corniche, Fujairah FC - Football club, Fujairah Mall - Shopping mall, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Top 10 General Trading LLC - Store, Fujairah Museum, Fujairah Fort - Historical landmark, Fujairah Adventures Park, Madhab Park, Umbrella Beach, Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Church - Catholic church, Century Mall - Shopping mall, The Beach Shop (Liquor Store), Port of Fujairah, Mount Row Fujairah Terminal, Mountain Protection, Fujairah Oil Terminal FZC - Oil Store , Kalba Corniche Park, Al Sidra Park, Mohammed Bin Zayed City Mosque etc.

Fujairah City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Fujairah city has several luxury and affordable types hotels to stay. Fujairah city some famous restaurants are Al Meshwar Restaurant - Lebanese restaurant, Palace Beach Resort, Al Bahar Hotel & Resort, Emirates Sea Restaurant, Mastani Restaurant & Cafe - Indian restaurant, SHH Hotel - 1-star hotel, KFC Kalba - Chicken restaurant, Sajidha Resturant, Falafel al nile - Restaurant, Gardenia cafe etc.