UAE Holiday to Hatta Heritage Village Dubai Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 8-May-2023

About Hatta Heritage Village Dubai Destination: Hatta Heritage Village is a famous tour destination which is located in UAE country and just border of the Oman country. Hatta Heritage Village is a tour destination where has more than 30 village houses to visit.

How Can Reach to Hatta Heritage Village Dubai: It is located in Dubai Emirate region of the UAE country. Dubai city is very well connected to other UAE places via road, water and air transport. Other country passengers can come via air and water transport.

Air Transport: Fujairah International Airport is the nearest airport where passengers can get domestic and international both types air flights. Fujairah International Airport is just 66.3 KM distance from Hatta Heritage Village.

Water Transport: Port of Fujairah is the nearest seaport destination where people can get water transport services to other UAE regional places and other international countries. Fujairah port is just 67.6 KM distance from Hatta Heritage Village.

Things to Do near of Hatta Heritage Village Dubai: people can do several famous activities in Dubai Emirate which some are enjoy desert adventure and recreation types activities in desert area, spend time at city zoo, enjoy desert car trip, camel riding trip, eat UAE local street foods, shopping gifts in central market of the Dubai commercial city etc.

Tourists Attractions near of Hatta Heritage Village Dubai: passengers can visit lots of types famous places in Dubai Emirate which some are the following.

Attractions near Hatta Heritage Village: Hatta Hill Park, Hatta Honey Bee Discovery Centre - Garden, Hatta Tourist Camp - Campground, Hatta Hiking - Hiking area, Hatta Dam, Hatta Sports Club-Hamdan Bin Rashed Stadium, Wadi Artificial Water Bed, Suhaila Lake Rest Area, Wadi Hatta Park, Al Boma Fort - Castle, Hatta Dinosaur, Masfoot cultural and sports club, Wadi Al Madeena Supermarket, Al Shaheed Sultan Al Kaabi Mosque, OLA Cafe Shisha, Masfout Camping Hut etc.

Other popular places in Dubai Emirate: Unisat Liquor Store - Oman Border, Sobaigha Mosque, Wadi Al Qor, Al Aswaq Wadi Al Qor Branch, Wadi Al Qor Dam, Family Park Alhowilat, copper summit - Hiking area, Wadi Al Helo - Historical landmark, Garden of arabic, Jebel Aldeem, Kalba Tunnel, Kalba Bird of Prey Center, Wadi Al Helo Archaeological Site etc. UAE Dubai holiday trip is a nice plan to Hatta Heritage Village tour which is located in United Arab Emirates country (UAE).

Thailand holiday trip is a nice idea to Surat Thani city tour which is located in southern of the Thailand country. Surat Thani is a coastal city which is placed on bank of the TaPi River and Phunphin River. Surat Thani is a nature beautiful city where people can do several types adventure and recration types water sports activities. Surat Thani is well connected to other Thai regional places via air, train, road and water transport. other countries passengers can come to Surat Thani via air and water transport where has international airport.

Surat Thani coastal city has several famous places to visit which some are Museum of Prehistory Geology and Natural Sciences Surat Thani Province, Tesco Lotus Market Phunphin - Supermarket, Ko Thammaprathip Priest's Camp Site - Buddhist temple, Apple Tubtim Chan Garden Lung Chin Garden, Wat Rattanathammaram (Wat Tha Lon) - Buddhist temple, Tha Sai palm garden - Garden, Ko Lamphu Public Park, Surat Thani Provincial Sport Center - Stadium, Vibhavadi-Rangsit Golf Course, I Love Melon Farm, PC Terminal Pier, Wat Saeng Pradit - Buddhist temple, Inovative Farm by SP - Agricultural service, Nai Od Coconut Garden, Laem Thong Sai Monastery - Buddhist temple, Golden Sea Raft - Seafood market, Wat Khlong Ko - Buddhist temple, Fragrant coconut plantation etc.